Ame Hughes

selfportrait black and whiteArtist Bio

Ame Jo Hughes showed a natural artistic ability from a young age, astounding her kindergarten teacher with an accurate drawing of a horse. She took a decade long hiatus from visual arts in order to raise her four children, but couldn’t resist the call of her muse any longer and jumped back into the artistic fray in the fall of 2010. Ame Jo feels a deep connection to both nature and women’s issues; subsequently, these themes are frequently explored in her art. She works in oils, acrylics, hard pastels, and graphite – but oils are her favorite medium.  Originally from Pennsylvania, Ame Jo worked in various jobs – including loss prevention, visual merchandising, and cellular phone sales – before she and her husband relocated to NC in 1999. Shortly thereafter, Ame Jo picked up the stay-at-home-mom mantle and has been wearing it ever since. Other than taking every art course available in high school, Ame Jo is self-taught and is currently exploring the combination of meditation and intuition with art. She lives and creates in Burlington, along with her husband, their children, dogs, cats, guinea pig, and the surprisingly wide  variety of wild critters that visit their yard, garden, and woods.

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