Intuitive Art

Intuitive art is art done while in an alternate state of consciousness, similar to a meditative state.  This type of art involves Ame Jo asking for guidance from the universe (or God, Source, The Divine, whatever you want to call her), then entering an alternative state, and making the art under such guidance.  Ame Jo hears words and phrases while doing these, and sometimes posts the messages she receives in a blog post with the finished piece.  Ame Jo doesn’t usually plan any of her work ahead of time and generally has no idea where they’re going until they’re mostly finished.







IMPORTANT:  Ame Jo doesn’t spray her pastels with fixative, as it can darken the image and interfere with the way the light plays on the colors.  The pastel must therefore be protected by a glass frame with a mat and spacers between itself and the glass.  You should employ a framer experienced with pastel framing, and inform him or her beforehand that the pastel is not fixed.




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