Dust To Dust

Dust To Dust

Dust To Dust


If Echoes – Titans of Rust is a sunrise over an extinct city, Dust To Dust is a sunset.  This is a smaller city than in Echoes, and it’s newly extinct.  The skies and waters and completely polluted.  Everything eventually turns to dust.


I seem to be very much on an impermanence kick, and it’s something that is important to me, both on a personal level and on a global level.  Personally, the accumulation of stuff drives me crazy.  Every time someone brings something new into the house, I want to cry (and I demand that they donate two existing items).  Sadly, I live with a bunch of packrats who never want to get rid of anything.  Many of you reading this know that I’ve been embroiled in a moving saga since mid-September of last year.  I packed up our house at that time.  Much of my art supplies are still packed (which is why I’ve been working in acrylics instead of oils), and most of our stuff has been packed this entire time.  And you know what?  Not having that stuff at the ready hasn’t affected our lives much at all.  Granted, at Halloween I needed to dig out the face paint, but I shouldn’t have packed that in the first place since I knew we wouldn’t be moved by Halloween.  My bad.


The boxes of packed stuff HAS affected our lives in one way, though – those boxes are everywhere.  Our house is small, so there’s not a lot of room for maneuvering around the stuff, much less boxes full of stuff, which are stacked all over the place.  It’s driving me insane.  Do we really NEED all this stuff?  Some of it, yes – the summer clothes (and I swear I’ll lose my mind entirely if we’re not moved before I need to switch out the cold weather clothes for the warm weather clothes) come time mind.  But most of it… sigh.  I think at this point my family has probably forgotten what’s in most of those boxes.  I could probably just donate most of it and they’d never be the wiser.


And that’s the point – no one needs all this stuff.  It all just turns to dust eventually.




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