Echoes – Titans of Rust

Echoes – Titans of Rust


Dead City

Brief, simple message: our planet can’t sustain western society’s irresponsible, throw-away culture.  We’re killing this planet.  We will surely go extinct, and all that will be left of our grand cities and earthly delights will be skeletons of rust and toxic waste.


This has happened before, and it will happen again.


And this is probably one of my weirder posts – sorry for those of you who are visiting for the first time.  I once stood in a parking lot of a shopping center and was blasted with a vision of everything that had ever happened in that spot, and everything that ever will happen there (and a friend joked that I should tell her any specific times she should avoid that area).   Humanity has died out before, and it will die out again.  This is a necessity for our planet to heal.  After all, it’s the playground for our souls – we need to clean it up from time to time.  And because our spirits have no sense of time whatsoever, it’s a blink of an eye to them (us).  We see remnants of this happening before and call those glimpses unexplained mystery.  Here’s a hint – when humans make a comeback, we’ll build more pyramids.  It seems to be what we like to do when we’re in our infancy as a species.

Anyway, this cityscape is a future that will surely come to pass – it’s unavoidable, really, and a necessity – but because not everyone is awake and aware, perhaps we should at least make an attempt to wise up and treat our playground with some respect.


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