This is one of those “not sure to whom it’s directed, but could be anyone or any number of people, so if you feel like it resonates with you, then it’s meant for you” posts.




This guy came through fast and short of harshly – which was exactly how he lived.  He was a pirate, but not in the Captain Jack Sparrow sense – more in the back-breaking manual labor all damn day no matter the weather sense.


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Gratuitous Johnny Depp shot
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He looked old to me, but I got the sense that he was much, much younger than he looked.  Years in the sun, mild alcohol abuse, salt water and wind on the face, a pretty horrible diet…they all took their toll on his looks.  But, he loved it.  He loved the manual labor.  I think he was skilled at what he did, and took pride in his work.  I also think he found it meditative.


Hell, maybe this is a message for me to get into the groove of cleaning out my fridge (I’ve been putting it off).  Maybe.  But it’s also for someone else, too.  I think it’s a past life for someone, and I think you (whoever you are) need to let go of this persistent thinking that if something doesn’t involve really hard, monotonous work, then it’s not worthwhile.  Sorry.  That kind of thinking isn’t going to serve you well during your current incarnation.  You’re stuck.  Go out and enjoy some leisure time.  You *have* the time, you’re not an ancient mariner anymore.


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