Intuitive Art Session testimonials from Ame Jo’s Clients


[quote align=”left” author=”Katie Hart”]The insight that came through Ame Jo in my personal intuitive art session resulted in a stunningly beautiful rendering of energies and impulses that is as if she came in and put together puzzles pieces that had been strewn about my different levels consciousness.  Such gratitude for Ame Jo’s gift helping me to clarify my own visions. Each time I see the drawing I am filled with joy![/quote]

[quote align=”left” author=”Sue O’Kieffe”]Ame Hughes skillfully rendered the powerful, gentle and loving entity she and I have come to call The Dude. He has also revealed himself to me as my guardian angel who I have known for quite a long time as Fred. Since coming through Ame, he has shown up in healing sessions, and I talk to him on a regular basis. Ame’s gift is inspiring and a blessing to humanity. Do something nice for yourself or someone you love, and commission her. Totally recommended.[/quote]

[quote align=”left” author=”Allison Crow Flanigin”] I was lucky enough to win an Intuitive Art session with Ame I was so blown away by the beauty of the art, and in the message for me in the reading ~ I purchased 7 more for some of my clients. As each reading came in, I knew that Ame didn’t personally know my clients, yet her artistic and intuitive gifts were RIGHT ON. I love my art and I refer to my reading almost daily. Spirit clearly is in her gifts, and I will be commissioning more work for my clients and me.[/quote]

[quote align=”left” author=”Debz Ranalli”]I was honestly blown away by Ame Jo’s painting- No Lie :)) .. She asked me to “put out in the Universe” what I wish to know about before she started my painting. There was really nothing specific that I had a question on so I just asked my trusted “Door Keeper- Spirit Guide for Life” – Salamander to show/tell me what He would like for me to know.  When this painting arrived I was just speechless- because that is exactly His Face that I see in my minds.. and those Eyes–WOW– they connect with my Soul on such a deep level that I can’t even put that into words. I hung this painting on the wall right next to my desk so that when I work- I will see it every day and it’s a constant reminder to let me know that He and They are with me, always… and that I am on my Souls path.  Along with the painting Ame Jo also gives you a reading in regards to what she Sees- Hears and Feels whilst painting. This also connected on a very deep level. What a Gift she has been given- wow <3 <3 <3[/quote]

[quote align=”left” author=”Lise Witter”]Ame Hughes is an incredible artist.  The work she has done for me has been eye opening and inspiring. It has taught me things about myself that I was completely unaware of but that now I am so glad to know. Also, from an artistic standpoint alone, her work is beautiful. You will not be disappointed if you request a commission.[/quote]

[quote align=”left” author=”Kirsten Ellis”]Ame has now done two intuitive drawings for me and both times they have sung so loudly to my soul. The words she gets through also hold great meaning that adds to the whole experience. But there is something that happens on a deep level of energy, a shift that occurs when you look on your own picture. It isn’t just that you like it, it is that it speaks to you in your own language. It doesn’t matter if you cannot quite grasp that language with the conscious mind, it only matters that you allow your soul to see and take on board all that is needed in the message.[/quote]

[quote align=”left” author=”Tracie Nichols”]Ame has the most amazing capacity to see deep truth – your deep truth – through her intuitive art. I’ve commissioned two pieces, so far… Ame is the first person I’ve met who sees and feels Gaia the way I do. Can you imagine how healing it is to be able look into the eyes of a beloved for the first time? Words fail… Tears, relief, joy. Just the most amazing experience. I LOVE having her glorious art blazing on my altar. If your head tends to get in the way, Ame’s intuitive art eases you back into your heart and soul. Schedule as soon as you can. It’s so worth it.[/quote]

[quote align=”left” author=”Tammy Cousins”]I had an intuitive art session/drawing with Ame Jo and to be honest I am still in awe at the drawing, as well as the message received from her, it touched a part of me that had been screaming out, yet has been ignored for as long as I can remember. My piece is far different from any I have seen her do and is a daily reminder of who I am and what I am here to do. It is also a gorgeous piece of art that draws the attention of all who see it.[/quote]